In this article, we discuss what clothing is best for the gym. It is important to understand that this does depend on the type of activity you are undertaking when you train. We will discuss the different features of gym clothing and how they help you perform when at the gym. 

Identifying the goals for your gym clothing?

There are really three/four key areas that gym clothing must identify with. 

One—Looking good. When you go to the gym, you want to look and feel great. So, choosing clothing that looks good is important in your decision-making process.

Two—Performing well.  Surprisingly performance comes second to looking good for most gymgoers. The dedicated training-focused crowd tend to opt for performance first. 

Three—Dual purpose. With the above in mind, surely the ultimate goal is to find clothing that looks good and performs well. Sometimes, you will find this in surprising places, companies like Mirafit, which was created for heavy strength training and then improved its fashions to allow garments to look good and perform well. 

Four—Fit. Selecting a product which has a good fit is important generally, but it's even more important when you are training in that product. You typically choose a mid-fit garment, if you are training in the gym, one that shows off the definitions of your silhouette while allowing you enough space to move without restriction. Some technical garments provide this with elastane and mesh, so look carefully at how the product is built and its highlights/features before making a decision. It's also worth reading reviews on the product to see how others feel about its fit and functionality. 

How do you decide if clothing is going to be good for the gym? 

Firstly need to consider what type of exercise you are doing, as mentioned above.  Once you know the type of exercise you’re going to do then you can decide the best type of clothing for your workout.  Typically if you’re doing high-intensity cardio, then lighter fabrics or even vests can be the right decision to keep your body temperature low.  Whereas if you are strength training and there is downtime in between sets then chances are a T-shirt would be better as it will help you maintain body temperature. 

What are the main features that you can should consider with a typical gym, top?

General fit: How does the product feel when it's on? Is it restrictive? If the midsection of the top is too tight, you might feel uncomfortable and choose not to wear it over another one in your wardrobe. This becomes an issue and, again, a waste of money.

Sleeves – are the sleeves of the garment fitted? What do they flap around? Sleeves are important because they can also be very restrictive and point out why they are abrasive causing discomfort. If you're uncomfortable, then you'll be unlikely to wear the garment often, so it becomes a waste of money.

Length—Is the body length of the garment long enough to test this? Raise your hands above your head, and if your waist is exposed, the chances are, that this won't be as good during a workout that would involve lifting a bar above your head or doing a pull-up, for example. 

Colour choice – choosing a colour that avoids showing too much shape or indeed. Sweat is a wise decision. It's easy to become paranoid about how our government fits and also how sweaty it gets. When you work out which is counterintuitive to what you actually want which is the confidence to absolutely smash it in the gym. 

Why is considering fabric type important?

Fabrics have a variety of features that should be considered when you are choosing your gym clothing. 

Cotton fabrics look good and feel comfortable, but they hold sweat and can shrink during hot washing. The other drawback of cotton tops is that they do not typically wear as well under the heavy-duty stresses of gym wear. 

Polyester fabrics -  this type of fabric is ideal for gym clothing as it provides excellent working and cooling.  Polyester strands draw sweat away from the skin and moisture evaporates this process can be very helpful with workout clothing.  The other obvious benefit is that the fabric itself is much more hard-wearing and can withstand more washes and heavy use. This means that purchasing a polyester product for the gym can be a good long-term investment on the basis that it can withstand more active punishment and laundry. It is worth noting that some polyesters are not created equal and may hold smells, which reactivate when warm, so again read reviews. This is important. If reviews are not available, then read the description to see if sweating or garment construction addresses the issues. 

Why is gym wear so expensive?

While some gym wear is expensive, you need to consider the use, the longevity and, therefore cost per wear.  A good gym garment can last a year or more if washed correctly and looked after.  It will also tend to look fresher for longer because normally, gym wear polyester fabrics,  these do not tend to fade like kinds of cotton and, therefore, can look better for longer.  If you go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week the continual washing of a cotton garment will make it look faded and worn very quickly. The plastics that are contained within a polyester garment maintain colour without fade, unlike cotton, which is an organic fabric, That can, and will often rot over time to a point where the garment may become thin, and even tear. 


Ultimately, you should choose your gym clothing based on style, comfort, and performance. By considering these three key areas, you will ensure that you have clothing that looks good, does not interfere with your workout, performs well at the gym, and provides longevity. Various manufacturers produce sportswear at different price points, and some have considered the specific technical requirements to give you performance-focused sportswear.

After reading this article, you should have a better idea of what clothing is best for the gym, but here is a bullet point summary of what to consider.

  • Technical fabrics like polyester.
  • A garment that fits you well for the movements you need.
  • A good-looking product that you will enjoy wearing.
  • A sensibly priced product that meets your budget.
  • Choose a brand that is well-reviewed. 

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