It may sound unbelievable, but did you know that online casinos such as icecasino online didn’t have any terms and conditions for their bonuses in the past? You read that right! At the advent of the online gambling industry, players only needed to create an account with the online casino to claim different bonuses and offers. In some cases, you’d have to include special casino bonus codes to activate or redeem the offer. However, as time passed, a group of players known as ‘bonus hunters’ emerged. What this group did was sign up with an online casino using multiple accounts. Their objective was to claim as many bonuses as possible and redeem them without making any deposits. This was unacceptable to online casinos, forcing them to introduce terms and conditions. Today, regardless of the bonus you are claiming, including no deposit offers, you must satisfy certain terms and conditions before using or withdrawing the offer. 

What Are the Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions?

In the simplistic definition possible, these are rules that define how a bonus should be used. They describe the bonus offers, how you can claim it, and what you must do to unlock it. There are thousands of casinos online, each with unique terms and conditions. Yet, despite the variations in the T&Cs, some remain constant. Terms and conditions such as the wagering requirements, time limits, qualifying payment methods, minimum deposit requirements, fees, and withdrawal limits are constant across all platforms. 

A reliable and reputable online casino should strive to ensure these terms and conditions are as transparent as possible. They should be written in a simplified manner for all to understand. Moreover, the conditions should be easy to achieve for casual and regular players. Let us take a quick peek at each of these conditions: 

Wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are at the center of the bonus terms and conditions. Whether you claim a no deposit bonus 25€, match deposit, reload offers, or free spins, they all come with wagering requirements. In the most basic definition, wagering requirements refer to the amount you must spend before withdrawing or using your bonus. It is usually expressed as a number, followed or preceded by a multiplier sign. For example, x20, x25, x30, x45, x50. A bonus of $100 with a wagering requirement of x20 means you must spend $2000 in real money at the casino before using or withdrawing the offer. If the same bonus is subject to an x50 wagering requirement, it means you must spend $50,000 in real money bets before using or cashing out the bonus. Needless to say, the higher the wagering requirements, the more difficult it is to unlock the bonus’s potential. The opposite is true, although there are other factors to consider, too. 

  • Time limits. The time limits are usually meant to show you how long you have to satisfy the wagering requirements. Like the wagering requirements, this varies from one online casino to another, although the standard figure is usually within a week. Top-rated casinos will give you up to 30 days to satisfy the wagering requirements. 
  • Withdrawal and betting limits. Online casinos will occasionally limit the size of the bets you can place with the bonus or the amount you can withdraw/win while using the bonus cash. For example, if you receive 100 no-deposit free spins, the casino can limit each spin to a value of $0.10. You can only win up to a certain amount when using the free spins.
  • Bonus amount. The terms and conditions also mention how much you’ll be awarded. Since no-deposit bonuses don’t require any form of deposit, the amount awarded tends to be quite low compared to other types of offers. In fact, the best online casinos will only offer you a maximum of $20. It’s not uncommon to see casinos offer you anything between $5 and $10 as a no deposit bonus. 
  • Sticky and non-sticky bonuses. A sticky no-deposit bonus is one you cannot withdraw. Once awarded, you can only use it to play games and access the services offered at the casino. You can only withdraw winnings resulting from it. On the other hand, non-sticky bonuses can be withdrawn or used as you wish as long as you’ve met the set wagering requirements.

Always Read the Bonus Terms and Conditions

A quick search of the keywords ‘casino bonus complaints’ or ‘casino bonus scam,’ and you’ll see hundreds of complaints from players regarding failed bonus withdrawals. Most players will complain that the casino failed to pay out the bonus or winnings resulting from it. While this might be the case, you’ll realize most of these complaints arise from the fact that the player didn’t understand the offer before participating. As long as you visit a licensed and regulated online casino, you shouldn’t have any problems withdrawing or redeeming your bonus if you satisfy the wagering requirements. 

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