The advances in medicine have opened a world of opportunities in terms of cosmetic surgery. Whether it is at home or a renowned medical tourism destination, it is prudent to do your due diligence before committing to a certain clinic or surgeon. Here are some tips for choosing the right surgeon and clinic for your cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments:

Tips For Choosing The Right Cosmetic Surgeon

There are many qualified plastic surgeons for any given sub-specialty. To choose a suitable one for your specific needs, keep the following tips in mind:


Surgery is a skill that gets better the more you do it. It stands to reason that surgeons who do the same procedure again and again will be better at it. They are also better equipped to deal with any unintended complications that may arise during the procedure.

Therefore, ask about the number of similar procedures a surgeon has performed before signing off on the dotted line.


This one is a no-brainer as it is usually the first thing everyone looks for. Check a surgeon's qualifications, including certifications and necessary government licenses. It is always a bonus if the surgeon is certified by regional medical boards for a particular sub-specialty, for example, the surgeons at leading hospitals in Türkiye like the Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, are certified by the European and International Plastic Surgery Associations.

Team and Facilities

Surgery is not a one-man show. Surgical skills along with trained staff and state-of-the-art facilities translate to better treatment outcomes and higher safety ratios.

Bedside manner

Having any type of surgery is a stressful experience. A surgeon with good communication skills and a bedside manner goes a long way to alleviate patient anxiety.

Pick a surgeon willing to answer all your questions in detail, explain the procedure, and accommodate any reasonable demands you may have.

Surgical Approach

Different cosmetic surgeons have different surgical approaches. For example, some surgeons always advocate for the latest tools and advances, while others may play it safe and use the tried and tested methods.

There is no right or wrong for either approach.

Research the cosmetic procedure you want to have in detail, check the success rates of various methods, and choose a surgeon according to your needs.

Diverse Patient Portfolio

Surgeons with a diverse portfolio are better equipped to accommodate patients from a wide range of ethnicities and backgrounds.

Tips For Choosing The Right Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Many factors influence the suitability of a medical facility but these are a few basic criteria to look for when choosing a cosmetic surgery clinic for yourself:

Equipment and Procedures

There are new advances in terms of equipment and procedures every day. When doing your research, pick a cosmetic surgery hospital that offers the latest treatment options and technology.

Qualified Staff

Cosmetic surgery clinics with high success rates are staffed by individuals with years of experience in their field. Most have certifications and accreditations from relevant medical bodies.

Choosing a cosmetic surgery hospital with qualified staff will make your cosmetic surgery journey safe and successful.


Hospitals in top medical tourism destinations offer an array of added services to their prospective patients.

These may include hotel stays, airport and hospital transfers, guides, and translators. It will make life easier when you have to navigate your way through unfamiliar surroundings and procedures in a foreign country.


Depending on the type of cosmetic surgical procedures, hospitals/clinics may need permits from the local health authorities. Before committing to a certain health facility, it is advisable to check that their documentation and permits are above board.

This not only protects your rights as a patient but also ensures that the hospital is bound by the ethical and medical guidelines of the country.

Online Reviews

Online reviews from previous patients are a good indicator of the actual success rate of cosmetic surgical procedures performed at hospitals and clinics. Don’t just rely on the hospital’s website or social media pages, use other available online resources to read about the outcomes of various procedures before making up your mind.

The Impact of Medical Tourism

With the rise in medical tourism, there is no lack of choice in terms of cosmetic surgeons or hospitals. There are many top medical tourism destinations offering cutting-edge cosmetic surgery treatments. The high patient turnover ensures that the surgeons are qualified and professional.

There is no waitlist to deal with and all this comes at a fraction of the cost compared to your country of residence.

Tools For Research

The internet is your best friend when choosing a cosmetic surgeon or hospital. Official websites, local health ministry web pages, social media sites, and online patient forums are just a few resources that you can use to your advantage.

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