Understanding The Haircut Numbers

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Whichever way you choose to cut your hair—at your home or in a barbershop, you should think about some things. Will the cut go well with your texture? Do you choose a short or long haircut? Which cut best suits the shape of your face? what haircut numbers and clipper lengths do you ought to stick to? We want to guide you in this. If you have never gone to a barber before or are unfamiliar with the customs of barbershops, we are here to assist you. 

What length or clipper number you want is usually the first question you'll be asked when you go to get that haircut you saw in a picture. We recognize that it might be unsettling and confusing if you are unaware of the meaning of haircut numbers. Being knowledgeable about haircut numbers and clipper lengths is the surest way to leave with a nice haircut, aside from hiring a skilled barber.

Then What Do Haircut Numbers Mean?

Cutoff numbers or the numbers engraved onto the clipper guard (attachment combs) that help calibrate hair length you're cutting are in essence those symbols. Every clipper size represents the amount of hair that will remain on the head after use, and they typically have eight guards or more. 

  • The first clipper number is 1/8 inch long 
  • The second clipper is 1/4 inch long
  • The third clipper number is 3/8-inch long
  • The fourth clipper is 1/2 inch long
  • The fifth clipper number is 5/8-inch long
  • The sixth clipper is 3/4 inch long
  • The seventh clipper number is 7/8-inch long
  • Clipper number eight: one inch. 

How Are Haircut Numbers Calculated?

So that you know exactly what to ask your barber, let's break down the styles that result from asking for a specific haircut length number. 

  • 0 Haircut

There is no shorter cut than the zero haircut. The absence of a clipper guard is indicated by a zero cut. In essence this hairstyle is a shaved head or a skin fade. 

  • No. 1 Haircut

A number one haircut is a very short buzz cut just slightly longer than a zero cut. To produce faded sides the best clipper guard is also utilized. 

  • No. 2 Haircut

The widely used number two clipper guard though still very short, is also used for buzz cuts and fades. This quarter-inch length of hair, however prevents the scalp from being as exposed as it would be with a zero or one cut. For guys who have thin hair or are balding, this makes it a good cut. 

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  • No. 3 Haircut

The third which is the highest number used in fades is also a common option for guys who prefer to keep their hair short and tidy. Once more it's a fantastic option for anyone with thin hair though threes also work well for hair types that are thicker. 

  • No. 4 Haircut

Try requesting a number four haircut if you're looking for something that more closely resembles a crew or brush cut than a fade. Size four clipper guards allow for a slightly longer and more traditional cut they are less daring than the numbers that come before it. 

  • No. 5 Hairstyle

 Should you desire a longer cut that can be styled request a number five. Compared to the number four the number five haircut length will produce a more polished and traditional appearance. In addition, if you want the sides of your hair to taper without having the stark contrast of a zero or skin fade this is a good cut to request. 

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  • No. 6 Haircut

Were officially leaving buzz cut behind and entering crew cut territory at this point. This is a brushable and styleable hairstyle just like the five. Another popular method for producing a more subdued tapered side is the size six clipper guard. 

  • No. 7 Hairstyle

Barbers typically choose the size seven clipper guard when a client wants a crew cut with style options. With that additional eighth of an inch of hair it is comparable to the six haircut length number that came before it. 

  • No. 8 Haircut 

A number eight cut will give you a full inch of hair if you are still searching for a chic shorter men's haircut but would like more flexibility to experiment and create different looks like a side parting or a slicked-back look.

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