There is a dynamic transition in bras from a simple bandeau to strapless bras and bralettes. While the 19th-century bras aimed at restricted bust movement, the 20th-century bras prioritized comfort and coverage. 

If you check the bra history, then you will realize that the bra structure has evolved with every bra type. Bandeaus did not have a specific structure. However, corsets had a specific structure that enhanced your busts and gave you an elegant look. This makes it essential that you are well aware of the modern-day bra structure, and its fundamental parts to select the right bra. 

Here’s a quick guide for all the essential parts of your bra:

1. Seams

These are designed to offer your bust the required support through a fine piece of fabric that is found around the bra cups. You can recognize seams through the fabric that segregates two bra cups and offer them the lift for an enhanced look.  Visit to find the best bra cups.

You can check out seamless bras to understand the difference between a seam and a seamless bra. Wacoal lingerie has a wide collection of seamless bras. This knowledge will help you to choose a bra wisely based on your preferences. 

On the contrary, if you feel comfortable with seams, then you can pick a bra with comfortable seams as per your choice.

2. Cups

Every modern bra has cups that are designed to hold your breasts firmly without making you feel uncomfortable. Ensure that your breasts do not pop over or on the sides of your bra cups. In case, you come across this issue, then you need to confirm your bra size. 

On the contrary, if you notice a gap between your bust and your bra cup, then you may be wearing a bigger cup size than you need. 

3. Underwire

An underwire bra is designed in a way that there is a wire sewn with fabric under the cups. This wire supports your breasts so that you do not slouch or feel the weight on your shoulders. 

You check out underwired bras on Wacoal lingerie to understand them better as they use good-quality wires and fabrics. 

Simultaneously, you can avoid picking underwired brass with low-quality wires as they can poke you under the bust or leave rashes. 

4. Bra Wings

The extended area around the cups held by the band on the edges is referred to as bra sides or bra wings. These wings protect your skin under the bra while the band holds the cups in place. But if you pick a low-quality bra with these sides, then they may not be equally comfortable. 

Hence, it is important to check and try the bra wings or sides before you purchase them. 

5. Center Panel 

The center of your bra that separates your breasts is known as the center panel or gore. This gore is a reliable point that connects your bra cups, and underwire. If you have picked the right bra size, then the gore fits well against your chest. 

On the contrary, if the gore is below your chest or breast tissue, then you probably should try a different bra size. 

6. Bra Straps

Several women have this misconception that bra straps offer you support. The truth is that bra straps are not designed to offer you support as this can be painful and affect your posture. However, these straps are designed to hold the bra in place. 

Every woman has a different shape of torso and hence there are adjusters available in bra straps. These adjustable straps allow you to fit the bra as per your torso and comfort preferences. While adjusting the strap make sure that it is not extremely tight or loose. 

If the bra strap is giving you rashes or scratching your skin, then you need to change your bra. 

7. Bra’s Band

This is an essential part of your bra that offers maximum support to your breasts. You have to consider the band size while selecting your bra as an extremely loose or tight band can result in inadequate support. 

Wearing such a bra for a prolonged duration can harm your posture and cause back pain. 

8. Hook and Eye Closure

Imagine choosing a perfect bra but it fails to stay secured at the back. Such a bra is less likely to be comfortable and you will always be worrisome about the eye slipping through the hook at the wrong time. 

Instead, choose a bra that makes you feel comfortable with a secure hook and eye. If you check the Wacoal lingerie, most bras are designed with three hooks and eyes. Your bra fabric may stretch as you wear it daily, the three options can help you to adjust the bra as per your comfort requirements.  

Wacoal Lingerie for Women

Basic Beauty Wired Padded Comfort Spacer Cup Bra: This is a lightweight bra with full coverage. It is designed with molded cups and made of thin spacer fabric. While the cups are designed with hidden mesh sling, they simultaneously offer support and shape your bust. 

Feliz Wired Padded T-Shirt Plunge Bra: This is a plunge bra that offers 3/4th coverage and is suitable for see-through tops. It is designed with wide stretchable side wings and made of soft lace that can be worn every day. 

The Wacoal website navigates you through varied bra styles based on your preferences. You can add bras to your cart, make payments, and order them to your doorstep. You can enjoy an effortless lingerie purchase experience. Besides, they have a hassle-free exchange policy which makes returns smoother than ever.

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